Olio prodotto in azienda agricola

Top-quality cold pressed olive oil, produced directly from olives and by mechanical means only.  

Olive oil produced exclusively from our olives, pressed within 48 hours after being harvested, so as to preserve their original characteristics, at "Olivicoltori Toscani" olive oil mill in Cerbaia. Immediately after pressing the olives , the oil produced is transferred to the company.

The oil is pbtained from a blend of olives which includes the following varieties: Frantoiano, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino.

Olive harvest begins in early November and ends in the same month. Olives are harvested both manually and with the help of a mechanical devices.

Minimum acidity, very low peroxide value. Herbal aromas, balanced, very fruity and slightly taste.

0,50 lt bottle: € 11,00

0,75 lt bottle: € 17,00

1 lt can: € 20,00

3 lt can: € 47,00

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